“New” Cuisine is Not Always Better

I love retro foods, so when I stumbled across Mary’s delightful website Old Fashioned Recipes, chock full of oldies, but goodies, I hit the jackpot! She provides recipes for award-winning chocolate cake, creamy scalloped potatoes, chicken pot pie, and much more!

Mary was kind enough to include one of my favorite family recipes for my grandmother’s banana cake. It’s nice to know gram’s cake recipe found an audience among people who love simple, yet delicious home cooking.

If you’d like the recipe to Banana Cake with Penuche Frosting or to browse similar fare like your Gramma used to make, then be sure to visit her site!

6 thoughts on ““New” Cuisine is Not Always Better

  1. That’s awesome. I will definitely visit her page. If you like vintage recipes look up Mrs. Wilsons cookbook from the 1920s. The recipes are online and there is a revised version as well. 🙂


    1. Agree! Very nice indeed! You should try Penuche sometime. It also works well on spice cake. It’s on the sweet side, so I think chocolate would be a bit too much. Of course the best part is cleaning off the spoon after you’ve frosted the cake!

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    1. Me too Sarah! Food has a way of linking us with memories and many of Mary’s recipes conjure up moments and people from my past. By the way, your blueberry coffee cake looks fantastic. You are a talented photographer! Thanks for stopping by.


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