Hi there! I’m Brad Nierenberg and I like to cook in my spare time. I’m willing to try just about anything and everything. I hope you enjoy the blog. Feel free to add your thoughts, recipe suggestions, and photos. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter, @GourmandBrad. I’ve been building up boards on Pinterest too!

I participate in two Facebook groups for home cooks you may want to check out sometime. I’ve enjoyed the camaraderie and have snagged many wonderful recipes! Plus it’s fun to have people to share my food pics with. One is The Home Chef’s Hangout and the other is People Who Want to Speak Their Mind, Have Fun, and Enjoy the Food Cafe. Home cooks are welcome to join!

I contributed a few lists to Tiperosity including one on boosting flavor.

As I build my blog I’ve reached out to write for a few other sites and I am always happy to share recipes and home cooking articles with others. If you accept guest recipes, let me know!

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