Pastrami is Serious Business

New Yorker’s may think they are top of the deli game, but a favorite food blog of mine proves LA actually holds the throne. Check out Serious Eats and their two articles about West Coast/Best Coast pastrami vs the NYC classic:

Double-Baked Bread. Photo Credit Serious Eats (click for link)

Adventure one found the double-baked bread from Langer’s to be the deciding factor in which sandwich was better, but Serious Eats decided to take a second stab at this test. There’s no way that Los Angeles could be the best pastrami city in America…right?

Take two, however, didn’t redeem New York. Los Angeles has created an environment where sandwich artists can thrive,

Can’t beat the best! Photo Credit Serious Eats (click for link)

and so they have – creating menus where customers can order a pastrami burger, panini, or the traditional sandwich.  With Los Angeles’s focus on creating culinary adventures, it’s no wonder that New York City has lost the title of Best Pastrami City.